How to sell on Internet? Increasing your sales

How to sell on Internet? Increasing your sales

One of the most important things in business is sales. However, how can I improve sales on Internet? According to Statista,  in the Business to consumer sector e-commerce will reach 2.356 Billion Dollars (US)[1]. How much do you want achieve from this forecast?

First, your digital marketing plan must match your offline marketing plan, you can´t carry out offline and online strategies with different objectives. Second, define the objective of being digital, Do you want remembrance?Do you want to sale on Internet?Or is your brand on Internet because All sector are? Don´t forget you have a costumer with many alternatives on the market, but they have a similar way to buy, what will you do different to get their attention? After that, what will you do to turn it to sales? Let me show you some very interesting statistics about worldwide e-commerce from Nielsen, a research company.

This chart shows the percentage of research vs percentage of buying in different sectors[2],

Estadisticas NilsenEstadisticas Nilsen2


In Which of those sector is your business? Are you taking advantage of this consumer behavior? If not, it is time to analyze your strategy and transform your internet presence in sales.

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[2] Information of Q1 of 2014. More information.

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